Technology Strength
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In February 2019Shenzhen patent Award

In June 2018The 5th leader in the intellectual property intelligent manufacturing industry

In November 2018Ranked among the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province

In December 2018Jufei Optoelectronics won the China Patent Excellence Award

In January 2017The fifth time in the list of LED industry leaders in the LED industry

In February 2017China's top 50 electronic information industry innovation capabilities

In July 20172017 China Automotive Electronics Top 100 Brand

In October 2017 Guangdong Province intellectual property advantage enterprises

In 2016010 high-bright side LED were certified by Shenzhen Independent Innovation Products and won the title of “National Key New Product”

In 2016The 3014 high-brightness LED was certified by Shenzhen Science and Technology Achievements and won the title of “National Key New Product”

In 2016020 Highlight side emitting diode passed recognition of Shenzhen independent innovation products and obtained the title of "Guangdong Province key new product"

In 2016The 5,630 high-brightness-side LED was certified by Shenzhen's independent innovation products and won the title of “Guangdong Key New Product”

In 2016The ultra-bright side LED products won the title of “Guangdong High-tech Products”

In 2016SMD LED light-emitting diodes (Leds) obtained the title "independent innovation product of Bao'an district shenzhen city ";

In 2016 3014, S208, 3528, 5630 and other series of high-brightness LEDs passed the identification of Shenzhen scientific and technological achievements, and the opinions were appraised: the results obtained are at the domestic leading level

In 2016Jufei Optoelectronic Technology Center was recognized as Shenzhen Municipal Technical Center

In May 2016Jufei Optoelectronics “JF Jufei” won the honorary title of Guangdong Famous Trademark

In June 2016The laboratory of Shenzhen Jufei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. was approved by CNAS

In November 2016Jufei Optoelectronic Engineering Center was recognized as “Guangdong Province LED Packaging and Application Engineering Technology R&D Center”